Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Pomatomus Down!

I finished the first Pomatomus sock yesterday.

Now I've switched back to the second garter rib sock in yummy Cherry Tree Hill. If I switch back and forth between socks, I don't suffer (as much) from the dreaded second sock syndrome.

I ordered some cotton/acrylic yarn yesterday for a new blanket for Ainsley. I'm going to do another log cabin blanket a la Mason-Dixon Knitting. Her old blanket has held up really well, but it's a little small for her now. They still take naps at school, so a bigger blanket is in order. She requested Dora's favorite colors - pink and purple.

Dance class starts tonight - stay tuned for a cute picture of a crazy dancing kid.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I like Pomatomus, you like Pomatomus

Check out the Pomatomus sock...

While it looks complicated, the pattern is actually very easy to follow without even looking at the chart. You can just look at the row before and figure out what the next row should be. I have another 10 rows to go, and then it's heel time.

Not much other knitting news. I'm still working a few rows at a time on the Hanging Garden Lace stole, but since it's lace, it doesn't photograph well pre-blocking.

I pulled a muscle in my neck/back, so I'm not feeling all that great (sob sob).

On a better note, it's Laurie's birthday, so go over and wish her a happy 3-5!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another day, another sock

It's Monday. Days like this make me wish I stayed at's sunny and hot - a perfect pool day. Sitting in front of my monitor at work is cruel. But I don't see anyone about to pay me for sitting at the pool, so at work I will remain.

Knitting! I finished the first garter rib sock over the weekend:

Because I'm kind of tired of working on this pattern, I put this guy away and started on the Pomatomus sock. I'm using some great yarn from Ellen's Half Pint Farm. This is a pretty crazy pattern, but I like a challenge.

I worked on the hanging garden stole a little - it just seems to take forever. I like knitting lace, once I'm actually working on it, but getting myself to actually START working on it is tough. But it's slowly getting longer. It's a 47-row chart that you repeat 12 tiems. I'm almost done with repeat 2. Ack.

I did get the design project in to Debbie Stoller for her next book. The last time I submitted something (and was rejected) she got back to me pretty quickly. So if this one gets shot down too, I should know soon. Then I'll take it around to Knitty or Magknits. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Zee Bubbles

Three posts in one week! It's a record!

I've been working on my design project for Debbie Stoller's new book, and I thought I was good to go, and then I tried it on the model, and...there was ripping involved. Luckily it's the difference of only an inch, so I should finish it up tonight, and hopefully have enough yarn!

I haven't shown you the Ruffles scarf for a while, so here you go...the cats really enjoyed having it hung up in the window, just out of their reach.

Our neighbor took these pictures in her backyard - she should be a pro (the photographer, not the model)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Climbing Cherry Tree Hill

Only two days since my last post - I'm on a roll now!

Here's a picture of the Cherry Tree Hill sock...

And an update on the log cabin blanket...

I've outlined what I showed you last time - watching this blanket grow is like watching paint dry.

I'm working on a design project for Debbie Stoller's new book...I'm about halfway through. Luckily it's a small project because it's due in 5 days!

Monday, June 12, 2006

How Not to Blog

I am the worst blogger ever. It’s been 12 days since my last post. Embarrassing.

What is also embarrassing is that I have really no new pictures for you. I started a new sock using some Cherry Tree Hill that I got at Sheep and Wool. I’m past the gusset now, so just use your imagination. That yarn, by the way, is TASTY. As much as I like the price point of some other sock yarns, NOTHING compares to this stuff. MMMMM GOOD.

Last weekend I went out to Holly Spring Homespun for Wendy’s book signing. Amazingly, I came out with only the book…

I finished up my design project, and it’s on its way to the fine folks at Knitty for consideration. Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh, and the kid is cute.