Monday, October 24, 2005

Socka-wocka ding dong

Another pair of socks - finished!

I was already working on another pair of Gull Wing Socks in Lorna's Laces Tuscany colorway...yum...

And I'm up to my armpits (haha) on the Chicknits Eyelet-without-the-eyelet cardi. Now it's time to start the sleeves, and then I'll need to buy more yarn for the join-together-part. Which is my favorite part. You should have to sew something together, but you don't! It's magic!

Another pair of socks! After much consternation, I finally figured out how
I did the first sock, and managed to replicate it.


I'm turning the heel for the Gull Wing Sock, and that's going pretty
quickly. I just love Lorna's Laces!

Also slowly working on the Eyelet Cardi from Chicknits - there's nothing
quite like almost 300 stitches of stockinette, over and over and over...but
the fact that there is no finishing for the sweater makes up for it!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Peek a boo

Here are some picture-in-the-mirror shots of my Adrienne V sweater:

Stand like a model shot:

As you can see, a white cami is not a good option for under this sweater. I ordered a nude colored leotard online, so that should work, in addition to providing a barrier between my skin and the just-itchy-enough-to-drive-me-nuts sweater.

I made some progress on the ChicKnits Eyelet Cardi - I'm using KnitPicks Elegance, and I love this yarn. It's so soft, and knits nicely. I also did a few inches on the cable socks.

I finally got around to putting doors on our media hole. The doors have been sitting in a closet for about 2 months now. Of course, there are design flaws in anything I do. For instance, the doors only open about halfway, because there is moulding on the bottom of the media hole, prohibiting the doors from opening. Genious. So, I'll need to get a chisel and take the moulding out, which is probably easier said than done.

Take a look at this picture:

Do those doors look straight to you? Me neither. The left hand one is crooked, causing it to scrape on the bottom (in addition to not opening all the way). So, I'm hoping I can just loosen the screws on the hinges, and tilt it a little the other way, tighten them up and all will be well.

But dammit, you can't see all the crap behind the doors, so that has to be an improvement. And I got to use power tools, so that was good.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Vegas Baby - Part II

I'm back! Good trip, and this time I played tourist and took some pictures:

MGM Grand



Fountains at Bellagio


I did some knitting on the plane and got halfway through another Gull Wing sock. Last weekend I finished the Adrienne V sweater and blocked it, but I still don't have pictures of it. It looks good, but I need to find a flesh-colored bodysuit to wear under it, since the lace is see-through. And it's itchy.

I also lengthened the ChicKnits Gigi sweater I did some time ago. Productive weekend!

I'll work on pictures this weekend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vegas Baby!

Pics from my room at New York New York...

I'm back on Friday - more to follow!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Beep bibbity beep - this just in...

Not a lot of knitting news to report, so let's talk about other news. What a week, and it's not even over! What is to follow, you wonder? Groundbreaking scientific research, world peace, life on Mars? Hell no! I get my news from E!, people. Read on!

Baby news for TomKat - OK, let's stop right there. I can't in good concience even WRITE "TomKat." Who thought of that? "Bennifer" was kind of funny, but seriously people, give it a rest. Is it REALLY that difficult to say their actual names? Not that "Tom Cruise" is his real name, but who's counting? Anyway, they're having a baby. So much for not having sex before marriage, eh Katie? Take THAT, Chris Klien. (Some of you might be asking "Who the hell is Chris Kline?" You're not the only ones. How DID that guy ever date Katie Holmes? When your only movies are the "American Pie" movies, you might be in trouble. What? Who? Tara Reid?) Anyway, Tom Cruise is a moron, and now he has spawned. Not that I would actually wish it on anyone, but what happens if Katie has post-partum depression? Scientology to the rescue! Because SCIENCE FICTION is better for treating a medical condition than, you know, medicine...

Moving on. Everyone's favorite celebrity ditz and her husband are breaking up. Maybe they'll make a reality show about it. And is that picture in the link not the WORST picture ever taken? The sad part is, no, it's not. Check out Go Fug Yourself (not to be confused with my moniker) because it is wrongly funny. Read the whole site. Every day. Get your snark on.

Apparently Britney Spears' husband is a tool. Wait a minute, we all knew that. Except Britney.

And that, my friends, is the news.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mama's got a sheep on her head

Nothing like a little Laurie Berkner to start out a post...

Suzanne, her MIL and our kids went to the Fall Fiber Festival over the weekend. Of course we got lost. Heaven forbid I go anywhere and NOT get lost.

But we found it, and had a good time. See?

The girls apparently were tired. They were not alone.

I did not buy anything. I was good. This time.

On the knitting note, I'm to the increases on the lacy sleeve of the Adrienne V sweater. I've started and ripped out the second of the cable socks twice now. First I used the wrong needle size, and the second time I was doing a cable every 10 rows, instead of every 8. It would be nice if I could count.

Stitch n Bitch tonight!