Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Things are getting done!

Miles and miles of stockinette has created the sleeves and body of the Goldfish sweater. There is no good way to photograph a sweater knit in the round that is still on needles:

I'm a little worried that it might be too short - Julie is tall. But she'll be here this weekend(!), so hopefully I can have it off the needles for her to try on.

Ribby is going well - the fronts are done, and I've moved to the sleeves. I decided I don't like doing or wearing ribs, so I'm doing a plain panel sleeve in a smaller needle. Again, hopefully it fits. Here's a picture:

Ainsley's birthday is this weekend! The kiddo will be 2. She will also have a birthday shirt:

Family members are saying "Hmmmm, that looks familiar." Yes, it's practially the same thing I made for her last year. If you know me, you also know I'm not terribly creative. Go with what you know.

But she will be cute, and really, that's what counts.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Well, the back, at least.

I'm also about halfway done with the left front.

SnB tonight!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Family is away = knitting time for me

You can do a lot of knitting when your husband and child are in another state. Chris and Ainsley went to visit relatives in PA while I stayed at home. I DID do things other than knit - cleaned the house, went to the gym (where I think I about tore my bicep in half - it hurts a lot right now), got Ainsley's birthday present, went to the bank and the grocery store, and went out to dinner.

And of course, in between all of these things, I knit. No pictures (yet) to prove it, but...

I finished the back of Ribby. I started on the left front and am about 1/3 done with that.

I continued on the goldfish sweater. This pattern is done in the round which I love, and I'm a little less than halfway to the arm. Whoo hoo!

I also watched a lot of TV. Knitting and TV are perfect enablers.

Some Ainsley for you:

Hopefully pics soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Like many other bloggers, I made the trek to Maryland Sheep and Wool on Saturday. But not by myself - Amy and Suzanne went too!

We saw a bunch of the other bloggers ("Bloggers in the Wild"):


Steph with the famous sock.

We parked far away.

But what did I buy? Not as much as Theresa, but I indulged a little...

Angora from Fairy Hare - Kimmet Croft Fibers

Roving from Fire Song and a drop spindle - yes, they're sucking me in...let's see how bad I can make roving look...

There was almost too much to take in - it was lots of fun. I definitely want to check out the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia, which is much closer to home.

Rip it, Rip it Good

I had to take out the Goldfish sweater. There was no way it would fit a human being. So, I searched through all my patterns and FINALLY found one that will work. Sigh. However, I had just read a page in the bookbookbook about NOT continuing a project when you know it's doomed, so I took that as a sign. And rip I did.

However, I started the XBack Tank (twice, because apparently gauge swatches are for wussies) and the Ribby. Too many projects! I'm running out of needles at this point.

Despite all the Hoopla, we'll be Stitching and Bitching tonight at Panera!