Friday, September 29, 2006

At least one of us is comfortable

Legs crossed and everything.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Watch the kitty...

This is quickly becoming a not-knitting blog. Which is problematic, as I have nothing else really to talk about.

So I shall distract you with pictures of the kitty...

I went back to work today - re-entry after vacation is always difficult. This is shaping up to be a busy week, but that's good. Better busy than not, or they might decide not to employ me anymore.

Stitch n Bitch is tomorrow, so I could possibly have knitting-related content then.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back from the Beach

And can you believe it - a picture!

There are many others, but in them, you can see Ainsley wearing something that I can't quite show you yet! Here's a hint - check out Magknits on October 1!

The beach was fun - we had great weather and the house was great too. Much shopping at the outlets including some maternity stuff for me, clothes for Chris and Ainsley, and some shoes. Hooray for shopping!

Unfortunately, it's back to life on Monday - I guess if I want them to pay me, I actually do have to go to work. Drat to that.

Knitting, you ask? Um, no. I took the pink/purple Moderne Baby Blanket to the beach, and didn't even take it out of the bag. Knitting output is slow, let me tell you. Good night!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How many times can I say this?

I'M A BAD BLOGGER!!!! But I have excuses, really. I'm in what you might call a "delicate condition" (11 weeks of it) so I've been spending the past month on the couch sleeping, not blogging. Hooray for babies, but not conducive to blogging. Work is busy - I have a vendor in town and am working longer hours. But THANK GOD I go on vacation next week! A week at the beach with plenty of grandparents to watch the kiddo is right up my alley.

Do I have pictures for you? No. Because I am a slacker. I haven't been doing much knitting lately - it puts me right to sleep. Not that I need any help. So, imagine the pink Moderne Baby Blanket, but bigger. See? It's just as good as pictures, and I made you use your imagination. It's good for you.

So. It's time for bed. Adios!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


My snowflake socks were published this month in Magknits!!! Check them out here. And welcome to all the visitors who came from Magknits!!!

It's shaping up to be a long weekend...I would have posted yesterday (honest!) but our power is out thanks to Ernesto. It blinked out yesterday around 1:00PM and is estimated to be back on tonight by 10. I'll believe that when I see it...needless to say, all the contents of the fridge are lost. Luckily, it's cool here, so the lack of AC is tolerable.

I'm at work now, catching up on stuff and enjoying lights, Internets, and white noise. You never really realize how QUIET it gets when nothing in the house works! I hardly slept at all last night from it.

So, I hope everyone who knits the snowflake socks enjoys them - please feel free to leave comments so I can see how they're going!!!