Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knitters for Knockers

I do have a finished item - a pair of gloves, but no picture yet. The toe up socks continue - almost done with the first one. I was concerned about the fit around the ankle, but I think when it's done it will be just fine.

The main point of this post is to get the word out about Knitters for Knockers - my Komen Race for the Cure team. How can you get involved? There are lots of ways!

1. Donate to the team! This one is pretty easy. It's online, you can use your credit card, and it's tax-deductible.

2. Join the team! If you're here in Richmond, we'd love to walk with you. If you're not here, or you're not around that day, you can Sleep in for the Cure - you get a Komen tshirt and everything. Make sure you search for "Knitters for Knockers."

Help us fight breast cancer, one step at a time!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year

It's a little late, but take into consideration that the last time I posted was November 19th, and if you think about it (but not too hard) I'm actually early on the New Year thing.

I did lots of knitting!

I made socks and a hat for my brother:

That's not Brian in either picture - for some reason I don't have any pictures. HusbandChris modeled for me before Christmas. The hat is Swish Superwash, and the socks (generic pattern) are Cherry Tree Hill in "Moody Blues."

I made my dad some socks (also generic pattern), in Claudia Handpaint "Steelers":

You can see them there snuggling my mom's Snowflake socks, also a Christmas gift. Ewwwwww...

With the leftover yarn, my neice Claire got her own Steelers socks:

Andra got a stocking just in time (finished on December 23)...I started using a pattern but decided I know well enough how to make socks by now that I didn't need one.

And Ainsley made a gingerbread house...

And Santa and Mrs. C. came to visit! (Spoiler: our neighbors organize a Santa visit every year, and we give them gifts ahead of time to bring for the kids. They have a sleigh and everything. It's not the real Santa!)

So now I'm working on my first pair of toe-up socks with the leftover Cherry Tree Hill...holding my opinion so far. Not convinced on the toe-up-thing. I'm also finishing up some rectangles for our charity blanket, which has been in the works for like 3 years. Embarrasing. And I'm making a pair of gloves for a coworker.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I do manage to work and stuff. :-) See you next month (or maybe in the summer, we'll see)!