Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Observed at the Charlotte Airport

  • A group of women loudly discussing (undoubtedly drunk) times past, including being solicited by a group of swingers.
  • Bad/inappropriate fashion – pants that stop 4 inches above the ground, ripped pants, sweatpants, cropped sweatpants, clothes that are at least 2 sizes too small or 20 years too young, 5” heels, short short skirts (how do you sit down in an airplane – not the in flight movie I want to see)
  • A large burp, from a large man
  • 2 businessmen hitting on a college girl
  • a college girl wanting desperately to be on another flight
  • 9 out of 10 people on their @#$%ing cell phones
  • people with bluetooth earpieces – Sometimes I wonder if they’re talking to anyone, or just pretending to cover up the fact that they’re just talking to themselves.
  • Spring breakers
  • Harried families with bratty children
  • Arguing couples – I hope they’re coming home, or they’re in for a long vacation

While sitting in Chili’s, I figured about 90% of the patrons were on business. I wonder if anyone has done a study to find out how much corporate money is wasted on alcohol and half-eaten food. Why is it that when in an airport on business, people automatically go for the nearest bar? Does it make flying more fun? What companies do they work for that are paying for all this? If I turned in an expense form that included a two hundred dollar bar tab, I’d be promoted to customer REAL quick.

And, my favorite airport game - "How many fake Louis Vuitton bags can you spot?" A close second - "How many mullets can you spot?"

Nothing really prepared me for spotting this, though:

As though it's not disturbing enough, there are no straps holding the shells. That means the manatee is wearing pasties. Classy.

I did get to drive a weird car in Tampa – it’s the Chevy HHR. Like almost all Chevy’s, it drives like a truck.

Now it’s time to head back home for a few days before I go to Canada for a week. Maybe I’ll get a picture of Bigfoot while I’m there.

Knitting: another pair of cable socks.

For some reason, my braided cables never look like the ones in the pattern. Oh well, they still look pretty nice, if I do say so myself. And these ones are for me! All for me!!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

On the Road Again...

This time to Raleigh, Charlotte and Tampa. The next two weeks are going to be crazy. On top of all the travel, Ainsley is sick - just a fever we think, but still...ugh.

Busy weekend - not a lot of knitting though. We went to the Metro Richmond Zoo, which was kind of cool. Ainsley said the penguins were her favorites, and I'm inclined to agree. Chris and I took down the ugly flourescent light in our kitchen and over the course of two days and some help from our neighbor, managed to hang a pretty cool pendant light:

Hooray for home improvement!

In knitting news, the clap is getting bigger, and I'm about halfway done with the body of a baby sweater. Suzanne asked what projects the yarn from KnitPicks will be for...

The pink Shine is for a baby, but not mine. A co-worker just got news that her adoption from China is going to happen in April, so it's quick get-ready-for-baby time, so that means a hand-knit. The sock yarn is for, you guessed it, socks. The blue yarn is for socks as well, and the Shimmer is for the Hanging Garden Lace Stole. Whew!

I did bring my camera on my trip, so maybe some pictures tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

FO - Part Deux

As promised - socks!

These are from Sensational Knitted Socks, and were done using KnitPicks Sock Garden in Zinnia.

Questions from the readers (I have readers! Whoo hoo!)

Suzanne and JennyRaye asked about the knitpicks stash enhancement contains 6 balls of Shine in Orchid for a baby sweater (that's probably way too much, now that I think about it), 2 skeins of Sock Garden in Stargazer Lily, 2 balls of Palette in Pool, and 3 hanks of Shimmer in Stained Glass. All that for $40, and free shipping.

Shameless picture of the cat, because she's right here, and I don't have to get up...

Arwen says, "In honor of the Oscars, I will show you my pensive pose. Someone should hire me and I'd win an Oscar, no prob."

If you don't already, check out Mason Dixon Knitting because they are cool. I left two comments, and within a few hours got a real email in response to both of them. Ann and Kay are pretty rocking!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

FO fo sho

For your viewing pleasure, one Finished Object...

It's the Rippling Waters Scarf from Fiddlesticks Knitting. I'm anxious to see how the angora "blooms" - right now, it's still kind of stiff. I hear it relaxes though, and I'm tempted to buy some more from Kimmet Croft Fibers when she's back at Maryland Sheep and Wool in May. Love the bunnies!

I'm a roaming gnome this month for work, racking up a large dollar figure of travel as I jet in oh-so-comfortable "business" class back and forth to Florida a few times, and then to scenic Regina, Saskatchewan. People, it's COLD up there. But, the good news is, there are 3 knitting shops on google maps within 3 blocks of my hotel. I may have to knit myself a damn coat, because I don't think mine will be heavy enough.

What else do I have for you?

I have 2 yarn pancakes of wool from Mystical Creation Yarns, who, apparently, are not taking orders anymore. Honestly, I like the yarn, but it took them almost 5 weeks to get it to me, and multiple emails asking where it was. Hopefully they're catching up on their orders and getting a better process in place, because their yarn is beautiful.

That yarn is for the famous Clapotis, which currently looks like this:

I'm getting excited in a nervous sort of way for the dropped stitches. Yes, people, dropping stitches gets me excited. Don't laugh.

I'm almost done with a(nother) pair of socks - I should have them finished tonight and pictures to you tomorrow. Gotta keep 'em wanting more, you know?

But, I did get this in the mail today...

Oh Knitpicks, how I love thee, and thy inexpensive but high-quality yarn...let me count the ways...

That's enough for tonight. Tune in tomorrow for crazy socks and probably a cat picture or two.