Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Good progress bars!

I figured out how to re-host the dynamic progress bars - see right! Very excited. Thanks to Anna for the flash file!

Started my poncho

I started the Tahki Yarn poncho tonight. I'm doing it in the elann Endless Summer Lara yarn (see post below) in Azure blue. It's knit on size 13 needles, which seem HUGE to me (I'm used to working on 4's). It's kind of sloppy, but I think (hope) the stitches will even out as the piece gets bigger and stretches a little. We'll see. The color is great though, and the yarn is so nice to work with. Very slippy and soft!

The baby blanket has progressed well - I'm about 1/4 done (as you can see from the ugly progress bars to the right). I like this pattern, and it knits up so quickly I may acutally make all this baby stuff before these babies are born!

Time for bed!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Homemade percent bars

I've seen a bunch of percent done progress bars on other blogs, but haven't been able to make the code work, so I made up my own. They're kind of cheesy, but they get the job done. I really liked indigirl's pictures, but she doesn't have any baby items, so I'll use my homemade ones for now. And I've added a few more links on the side.

I've started my new project - the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the Stitch n Bitch book. This one is in Natural Heather WoolEase yarn. It's knitting up quickly, and is so easy that I don't really have to pay attention to what I'm doing. I'm all for that! I'm going to attempt to only have 1 or 2 projects going at at time, but we'll see! I make no promises.

Anyway, it's getting late, so I'm headed in to say goodnight to the kiddo and go to bed! Work tomorrow (work always gets in the way of knitting!)...

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Tahki Yarn Tube Top is finished

Tahki Yarn Tube Top

I'm not terribly happy with just doesn't flatter me. I should have used a more springy yarn, and probably not in white. But I needed a white sweater, and learn. I probably won't wear it, but at least it wasn't expensive ($3 for acrylic yarn!). See the photo album to the left for project details.

Tube Top Flower

I do like the flower though...

New Yarn!

I got my new yarn from today - Endless Summer Lara. It's 100% Combed, Mercerized, Double Gassed Cotton. Yum! And dirt cheap, too. I got 7 skeins for the Tahki Yarn Poncho pattern, and some for the Anouk jumper. Now if I can just get this tube top finished so I can work on these new projects!!

Close up pics of Vogue Knitting Tank

I've posted close-ups of the Vogue Knitting beach tank in my album under "Completed Projects." Enjoy!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Ah, my crazy cats...

I have two cats - Arwen and Gandalf. Arwen is black, and Gandalf is grey (both girls). Gandalf is about twice the size or Arwen, and every time someone sees this cat, they say "Oh my God, that cat is huge." This is no lie.

I mention the cats, because Gandalf has currently taken up residence on my tube top. Apparently the knitting needles don't bother her (I wonder if she can even feel them?).

I should go rescue the knitting before one cat (or both) ends up frogging a bunch of rows for me.

The excitement never ends at my house! (haha)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

New Design

So, I looked at some of the knitting blogrings and decided that my blog was way too boring. I really liked the "percent done" icons and bars on the sidebars that a lot of people have, so after much playing around, I finally got one to work. Thanks indigirl for the script!

I kept running into a problem, though...with my old template, it would force the main content to the bottom of the page, and that kind of defeats the purpose of a blog. So I switched to this template, which I like as well, and with the sidebar being on the right, it allows everything to stay in its place.

I've also added a few links to picture albums on the sidebar. These are hosted through, because it's free and I'm too lazy to post them on my own site. So hopefully this solution will work out.

Now that I've spent so much time on this blog (not that you can tell), I've been neglecting my knitting. So I'll get back to that now, so I can have more stuff on here to post about!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Scarf knitted in garter stitch from Bernat Boa yarn (took 2 skeins). Super-quick knit!  Posted by Hello

Side/back of tank. I'll try to get a closeup of the tank to see the pattern. Posted by Hello

Tank from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2004 (Project #1). Knitted in Lion Brand Microspun in Coral, size Medium. Probably should have gone the next size up, but I usually knit very loose, so I thought it would be OK. Live and learn! This knitted up quickly - it took about 2 weeks to do (granted, I had more time to knit during those 2 weeks than I normally do).

The pattern was kind of hard to decipher - the body eyelets are done using a double yarn over, and then I knitted the first yo and purled the 2nd yo. Not sure if that's what I was supposed to do, but it gives the pattern a nice texture.

Overall, I'm very happy with this tank. Used 3 skeins of Microspun, so it costs about $15. Posted by Hello

This is the afghan I crocheted for my in-laws in 2000. It's made of 56 different squares. Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Testing Testing 1-2-3

I'm just testing the email posting.

My First Post!

This is my first post on my first blog - I have a website, but thought a knitting blog could be fun. So we'll see!