Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Things are conspiring against me...

I finished Ribby last week. I've been a slacker and haven't taken a picture, because I want one outside so the light is good. I tried to take one this morning, only to find out (once I'd walked through all the wet sand on the deck from the sandbox) that the batteries in my camera were dead. OK, so back to the kitchen, look for more batteries...there are none. Foiled! So the battery charger and camera went to work so I can take a picture tonight at SnB. And hopefully tonight I will remember to upload all the pictures I've taken but done nothing with, so I can post them.

Then I stubbed my toe on the wall. Then I whacked my knee on the kitchen cabinet. It was not a good morning.

BUT, I'm making progress on my projects and that makes me happy. (See links to the right.) I'm forcing myself to work on the goldfish sweater, and I'm thinking it might not look as bad as I thought. I will try to finish it this week!

I have another 2 inches on the Broadripple sock before the toe decreases. Of course, then I have the other sock to make...

I'm slowly working my way up the XBack tank. I'm about halfway through the body, and am seriously considering using ribbon for the straps. Working 4 stitches back and forth, back and forth, back and...you get the point. Speaking of point, after all that, I might just put the point of my needle through my eye. Ribbon is looking pretty good.

I swatched for Crumpets last night, and am really happy with the KnitPicks Shine cotton! Damn, you can't beat the price. I will stop at Michael's today and get some beads for it.

And of course, I ordered more yarn. I got more Shine cotton in grey from KnitPicks to make the Rowan Grace cabled cardigan (link to right because I'm too lazy to link in here), and Elegance in oatmeal to make the Plum Shrug. But hey, the shipping was free.

SnB tonight!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Ribby is almost done! She's all seamed and just needs a zipper, which I will hopefully purchase today at lunch. Hooray!

I also finished the Magic Stripes socks, and sent them to my mom.

AND, I finished the angora baby sweater for my neighbor-baby who is being born TODAY! I had a picture, but I deleted it from my online photo album by accident. Trust me, it's cute.

So, with all that, what am I working on? Too much. I still refuse to touch the goldfish sweater because it makes me want to cry whenever I see it. The Xback tank is such a pain to knit that I keep finding other things to work on. And the Adrienne V sweater is so pretty, but I can't wear it for another few months, so why work on it now?

What is a girl to do? Start another pair of socks, that's what! I started the Broadrippe socks from Knitty last night. I also got some navy blue sock yarn from Holly Spring Homespun only to find out that Chris doesn't ever wear navy blue socks. Hmmm. So they may end up as socks for me instead.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm being slowly killed by a goldfish

The goldfish debacle continues. I'm about 1/2 done with the dupe stitch fish...it's wonky and it hurts. I don't blame Julie if she doesn't want to wear it. Hmmm, maybe I'll send her some socks to make up for it, because...

...I'm now obsessed. With socks. Which is stupid, because I don't like wearing patterned socks. Yet I plan to knit a bunch of them. They're the perfect project - on small needles, easy to do, no finishing, doesn't take too long...I need to find people who like socks.

Here's some other pictoral action for you-

It's a little big - not sure if it'll shrink some, or if next time I should try size 2's instead of the called-for size 3's.

I've gotten as far as I can on Ribby - I'm waiting for my $10 ball of Saucy to arrive in the mail. I'm still angry about running out.

But I did get to meet up with the SnB'ers in LA. We had a good time, and I wish I had taken my camera to prove it. One of these times I'll remember!

I also started a baby sweater with the angora I bought at MS&W. I have to tell you, this is the worst pattern I've ever seen. The increases as written don't match up with the number of stitches it says you should have, and there are no measurements given, like how long it should be. Note to self - you get what you pay for. Or, you Pay for What You Get.

So there's way too much on the needles. I need to get some stuff done, and then move on. But in the meantime, here's some birthday goodness.

Ainsley and her new fish. These lasted about 2 hours. We're now on fish #4. Chris isn't allowed to change the water anymore.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


I'm going to run out of yarn. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm just now getting to the raglan shaping on the Ribby sleeve, and I'm through a ball of yarn. I only bought 2. It's not going to work. And of course no one carries Reynolds Saucy in stores (at least not around here), so I had to order another ball. Shipping cost more than the ball of yarn. Aarrrggggghhhhhh.

To make myself feel better, I bought a ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes and a set of bamboo (gasp) needles and cast on for a sock. It's a happy sock. Not pleased with the bamboo, but I knew I wouldn't be. I'm an anti-needle snob. I like the good ol' metal ones, none of this fancy bamboo stuff for me.

Good news - the goldfish sweater is off the needles! And it fits Julie! I had her try it on when she was visiting. I wove in the ends before SnB on Tuesday, and now I need to dupe-stitch the goldfish on and it'll be done. And none too soon - I have too many things going on right now.

I'm headed to LA next week, hopefully meeting up with some SnB'ers there. Travel knitting is a tricky thing, as Bonne Marie can tell you. I can't take anything too complicated, or anything too big. So I'm thinking I'll take the Ribby sleeve, a sock, and maybe the XBack tank that I can't seem to make any progress on. That should give me some variey during my 6 hours of flying.

Pictures of progress soon, and birthday pictures!