Friday, October 14, 2005

Vegas Baby - Part II

I'm back! Good trip, and this time I played tourist and took some pictures:

MGM Grand



Fountains at Bellagio


I did some knitting on the plane and got halfway through another Gull Wing sock. Last weekend I finished the Adrienne V sweater and blocked it, but I still don't have pictures of it. It looks good, but I need to find a flesh-colored bodysuit to wear under it, since the lace is see-through. And it's itchy.

I also lengthened the ChicKnits Gigi sweater I did some time ago. Productive weekend!

I'll work on pictures this weekend.


Blogger M said...

Woo! Vegas! Elvis!

I'm not the only one getting use out of the trendy scarf pattern (and it turned out to be just great for the crazy yarn, good job!)--a new SnBer started it in fluffy pink last Tues. :)

4:30 PM  

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