Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Observed at the Charlotte Airport

  • A group of women loudly discussing (undoubtedly drunk) times past, including being solicited by a group of swingers.
  • Bad/inappropriate fashion – pants that stop 4 inches above the ground, ripped pants, sweatpants, cropped sweatpants, clothes that are at least 2 sizes too small or 20 years too young, 5” heels, short short skirts (how do you sit down in an airplane – not the in flight movie I want to see)
  • A large burp, from a large man
  • 2 businessmen hitting on a college girl
  • a college girl wanting desperately to be on another flight
  • 9 out of 10 people on their @#$%ing cell phones
  • people with bluetooth earpieces – Sometimes I wonder if they’re talking to anyone, or just pretending to cover up the fact that they’re just talking to themselves.
  • Spring breakers
  • Harried families with bratty children
  • Arguing couples – I hope they’re coming home, or they’re in for a long vacation

While sitting in Chili’s, I figured about 90% of the patrons were on business. I wonder if anyone has done a study to find out how much corporate money is wasted on alcohol and half-eaten food. Why is it that when in an airport on business, people automatically go for the nearest bar? Does it make flying more fun? What companies do they work for that are paying for all this? If I turned in an expense form that included a two hundred dollar bar tab, I’d be promoted to customer REAL quick.

And, my favorite airport game - "How many fake Louis Vuitton bags can you spot?" A close second - "How many mullets can you spot?"

Nothing really prepared me for spotting this, though:

As though it's not disturbing enough, there are no straps holding the shells. That means the manatee is wearing pasties. Classy.

I did get to drive a weird car in Tampa – it’s the Chevy HHR. Like almost all Chevy’s, it drives like a truck.

Now it’s time to head back home for a few days before I go to Canada for a week. Maybe I’ll get a picture of Bigfoot while I’m there.

Knitting: another pair of cable socks.

For some reason, my braided cables never look like the ones in the pattern. Oh well, they still look pretty nice, if I do say so myself. And these ones are for me! All for me!!!!!


Anonymous Lola Lee Beno said...

That manatee . . . well, I'll be . . . I'm surprised there hasn't been any protests over this display. :-)

6:22 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

What a cool post!

Its been so long since I have people watched--I have my antennae on my little monsters all the time--I can hardly believe you saw all of that! Not just the Fugly clothes, but the dudes hitting on the college girl....what do they think charlotte airport is, the set of girls gone wild?

I am makin that same pattern of sock--and you are right, they look TOTALLY different in the book. There must be less stitches between cable crosses in the picture.

Have you really heard other people have a problem with the Bolero jacket? I knew my knitting curse had not lifted......!

7:22 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

What is the pattern for that sock? Love the look of it and what yarn are you using?

I have to admit ... the manatee with pasties kind of scared me.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Ann said...

Manatee needs a good foundation garment, don't you think?

Your airport reportage is right on. What has happened to America? I'm no Cheryl Tiegs, mind you, but things are just getting slovenly out there. We went through the Cancun airport during the height of spring break, and a gruesomer sight you'll never see: girls with five bar armbands to prove how much they partied; level four sunburns; low riders on women who need high riders; doofus dads with Bob Marley t shirts. Ouch!

11:41 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Ugh - Charlotte airport. Have gone through there countless times in my business travels. Spring Break is the worst.

And in answer to your expense account question, many folks like myself get a per diem, which they can spend how they like. I rarely spend mine on alcohol, but I notice a lot of men do.

11:34 AM  
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