Saturday, June 26, 2004

New Yarn!

I got my new yarn from today - Endless Summer Lara. It's 100% Combed, Mercerized, Double Gassed Cotton. Yum! And dirt cheap, too. I got 7 skeins for the Tahki Yarn Poncho pattern, and some for the Anouk jumper. Now if I can just get this tube top finished so I can work on these new projects!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie, Maggi here (who's not yet been to SnB). Is that Endless Summer yarn compatible gauge-wise for the Anouk? I do like that pattern. If you want to reply I'm at (I didn't want to register with Blogger, just being lazy~) Your blog looks good so far.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Maggi - thanks for taking a look!

The Anouk pattern calls for Cascade Pima Tencel, which is 5st=1” on #5 needles. The endless summer is 25st=4” on #3/4 needles. Doing some loose math, I’m coming up with these two being fairly close.

I’m pretty loose with my gauges for baby stuff, because babies are always growing so fast, you never know what size they’re going to be. Just as long as it’s not too small…if it’s too big, they can always grow into it.

Thanks for looking!


1:13 PM  

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