Thursday, June 24, 2004

New Design

So, I looked at some of the knitting blogrings and decided that my blog was way too boring. I really liked the "percent done" icons and bars on the sidebars that a lot of people have, so after much playing around, I finally got one to work. Thanks indigirl for the script!

I kept running into a problem, though...with my old template, it would force the main content to the bottom of the page, and that kind of defeats the purpose of a blog. So I switched to this template, which I like as well, and with the sidebar being on the right, it allows everything to stay in its place.

I've also added a few links to picture albums on the sidebar. These are hosted through, because it's free and I'm too lazy to post them on my own site. So hopefully this solution will work out.

Now that I've spent so much time on this blog (not that you can tell), I've been neglecting my knitting. So I'll get back to that now, so I can have more stuff on here to post about!


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