Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year

It's a little late, but take into consideration that the last time I posted was November 19th, and if you think about it (but not too hard) I'm actually early on the New Year thing.

I did lots of knitting!

I made socks and a hat for my brother:

That's not Brian in either picture - for some reason I don't have any pictures. HusbandChris modeled for me before Christmas. The hat is Swish Superwash, and the socks (generic pattern) are Cherry Tree Hill in "Moody Blues."

I made my dad some socks (also generic pattern), in Claudia Handpaint "Steelers":

You can see them there snuggling my mom's Snowflake socks, also a Christmas gift. Ewwwwww...

With the leftover yarn, my neice Claire got her own Steelers socks:

Andra got a stocking just in time (finished on December 23)...I started using a pattern but decided I know well enough how to make socks by now that I didn't need one.

And Ainsley made a gingerbread house...

And Santa and Mrs. C. came to visit! (Spoiler: our neighbors organize a Santa visit every year, and we give them gifts ahead of time to bring for the kids. They have a sleigh and everything. It's not the real Santa!)

So now I'm working on my first pair of toe-up socks with the leftover Cherry Tree Hill...holding my opinion so far. Not convinced on the toe-up-thing. I'm also finishing up some rectangles for our charity blanket, which has been in the works for like 3 years. Embarrasing. And I'm making a pair of gloves for a coworker.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I do manage to work and stuff. :-) See you next month (or maybe in the summer, we'll see)!


Blogger Mary said...

Lots of pretty FOs there -- impressive!

Are you knitting the gloves flat like the directions say? Trying to figure out where the seams go -- on the side of the palms and the sides of the fingers?

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Debbi said...

Love the socks - they are fab. Glad to see you blogging again. Happy New Year to you and yours!

9:47 AM  

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