Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stitch n Bitch Tuesday

Tuesday night means Stitch n Bitch, and here's proof:

Lou and Amanda have good spots on the couch.

Janice laughs at Suzanne who laughs at me.

Group shot

Monica and her scary Blythe dolls, which have cute hand-made sweaters.

Amy in an artsy-out-of-focus shot. Um, only because I can't hold a camera still.

Notice I'm not in any of these pictures? Ha! As it should be.

Gull's Wing sock:

Love the lacy sock. Might actually keep this for me.

Crumpets far away:

Crumpets close up!

Why does everyone think knitting with beads is difficult? There are no gnomes here folks. No magic. Sorry. You just string all the beads on before you start knitting, and then when you need a bead, you slip it all the way to the left, against your knitting, and knit it on! Well, for most of you right-handed (backwards!) people, you'd slip the bead all the way to the right. Seriously. No gnomes. Go home and try it. And try to say "no gnomes" five times fast.

And go read Manolo's Shoe Blog because damn it is funny.

Oh yeah, I'm ending my voting for my button. I may not have as many votes as some people get on their blogs (not jealous or anything), but button number two edged it out at the very end:

Thanks to those who voted!


Anonymous suzanne said...

Thanks for the intro to Manolo! I lub it!

I do feel famous now that I am being stalked in person. Today Panera, tomorrow......Panera again. And we are all being stalked together.

Go Blythe!

6:38 AM  

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