Monday, July 04, 2005

Sock it to ya

Not a very creative title for a post, I know.

But, 1 broadripple sock is done! Seen here, with Arwen:

Here's Gandalf, just so she doesn't feel left out. She would not pose with the sock.

Another view of the sock:

And of course Ainsley, with a nice scratch on her forehead, due to a collision with a kitchen cabinet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet sock. Cute kid. But what of that clever short-sleeved, cable, yellow cotton cardigan sweater with wooden kitty buttons?

4:32 PM  
Anonymous suzanne said...

Love the sweater--and the sock! I'm planning on staring a broadripple this week (with yarn from MS&W). How does it fit--is it firm on your foot and leg or way stretchy? We can talk about it tonight at S&B. Love how it came out!

8:08 AM  

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