Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Somebody stop me

You might notice that my "In the Queue" section to the right lists "socks galore" as upcoming projects. This will give you an idea of what I'm talking about...

Enough for 5 pairs of socks (that's 10 socks, for those of you keeping score at home). Plus the 4 hanks of Lorna's Laces (see post below) for 2 more pairs, AND the natural-colored Lorna's Laces I just bought. Hmmmm, that's like...8 pairs of socks. Oh yes, children, I am insane/obsessed/broke. But it's all in good fun. And too bad I just found the Simply Sock Yarn Company online. Must feed the beast! And possibly get a second job.

Last night at SnB I got halfway through the armholes on the back of the Ballerina Wrap Top. It's cute! I hope I don't run out of yarn, because that defeats the purpose of using stash yarn. I also started the second Gull Wing sock.

Here are some funny pictures for your enjoyment.

Future knitter? I think so!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the cute kid I've grown to love and cherish. If she ends up a knitter, she certainly will inherit a LOT of knitting paraphenalia - some of it dating back to the early 1900's!

If I am a future sock recipient, please remember I like my socks a little longer than the 6" called for in the pattern - the pair I'm making (NOTE: my first and LAST) will be 8".

I was once obsessed by knitting, but after lots of therapy, I've managed to leave the house WITHOUT my knitting needles.

I know -- BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO? you ask. (Mom just shakes her head here...)

11:48 AM  

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