Friday, July 22, 2005


I give you...Crumpets!

Look Mama, I'm going to be a model! I'm working on my profile shot.

Refusing to look at the camera.

"OOOOOO, what's dat?"

"Let me OUT!"

Crumpets became a smock instead of a dress, because I was going to run out of yarn anyway, and 300 stitches in stockinette in the round is BORING.

I need to reinforce the straps using my sewing machine, but that will only take a few minutes. Then Ainsley will be free to wear it and spill whatever she wants on it. Luckily it's machine-washable!

I also got this in the mail yesterday:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn - yum! I'm excited to begin working with it. It's so soft! I definitely see some gifts in the future.

Also exciting, Knitpicks has released a new solid sock yarn! I see some of this in my future as well - it looks great for lacy patterned socks, or for solid men's socks. I don't see Chris wearing stripey socks any time soon.


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