Wednesday, July 20, 2005


At Stitch n Bitch last night, I finished this:

It's the first Gull Wing sock. I like it! It's 2 rows of lace repeated over and over, with knit rows in between. Easy! I am definitely loving the socks - they're easy, they look impressive, and they're quick. My kind of knit!

Crumpets is done - she became more of a shirt than a dress. I just need to put some elastic in the bodice and measure the straps, and it will be done, hopefully tonight. I'll take some pictures and have them soon. It's a cute pattern - we'll see how practical the shirt is.

All these FO's give me room to cast on for something else - I think it will be the Plum Shrug. It looks pretty quick and easy, although I think I'll have to do some adjusting to get it to fit the way I want it to. We'll see.


Blogger claudia said...

Melanie, I created my Gallery using Abode Elements 3 software, then just uploaded it to my server space. Hope that helps!

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