Monday, November 08, 2004

Charlotte is finished! She looks pretty good. I blocked her, and was very happy with that. KPPPM smells pretty funny when it's wet, though...

Julie will laugh at this, because not only do I shop in twos, I knit in twos. Now that Charlotte #1 is done, I'm moving on to Charlotte #2. This time in Fleece Artists Country Silk yarn. One hank'll do ya! It's much easier than I thought it would be, and know that I have the pattern down, I'm flying through the second one.

Since I have a plan for everything, here's mine for knitting: finish Charlotte #2 by Thanksgiving, start Anouk (#2 of course!) and finish by Christmas. Finish up Spiky Poncho sometime soon, and start some type of baby item and finish by Christmas. I like ambitious deadlines. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there, I have to move. Trust me, I'd rather be knitting...


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