Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Man oh man am I tired. I haven't been sleeping well, and I went to the gym this morning, so I'm about ready for a nap! Unfortunately, I don't think my boss would appreciate that.

What's going on in knitting world? Charlotte is almost done! I have I think 13 more rows, then I need to do the edging and block that puppy. Charlotte #1 down!

I have a bunch of other projects with deadlines - Charlotte #2, Anouk, and something else for a baby. Don't people know that when they decide not to find out the sex of their child before it's born, it really messes up my knitting?!?!? :-) That's OK - I'll do something "gender-neutral."

Seeing as how I'm moving in 2 weeks (ack!) I have no idea how I'll get all this done. I'll figure something out I guess.

Is it naptime yet?!?!?!


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