Monday, April 24, 2006

Nothing's ever easy

What a week. It’s starting off badly, folks. Last week we went to the doctor to see about Ainsley’s hand. While it’s healing really well, the burns have to be debrieded every few days by her doctor, which is really painful and is at least a 3 person job. We also have to go see a burn specialist at the VCU burn center because some of the burns are across joints, which can cause range of motion issues as they heal. Kids, DON’T TOUCH THE F$%&KING STOVE!

Moving on. Our washing machine, a front-loading Kenmore, has been really loud for the past few months. I finally got around to having someone out to look at it, assuming it just needed to be aligned. No. It needs $600 worth of parts. I can buy a new one for that much. The repair guy was all "It could DIE at any TIME and it's really SERIOUS blah blah blah trying to sell you stuff blah blah..." So, we're going to run ours until it drops, and then get a new one. I'm taking bets on how long it lasts - I'm thinking about 9 months. But wait, it gets better!

We took Chris’s car to get a state inspection today, knowing that one headlight was blown out. We asked them to replace it, thinking it would cost about $25. Apparently the whole headlight needs to be replaced. That costs about $400. And they haven’t even done the state inspection – who knows what they’ll find there? Cross your fingers and hope “nothing” or I might jump off a bridge.

Knitting! Sanity! I finished a baby hat and a set of booties for a newborn girl-baby…I have pictures but they’re at home. They’re cute, trust me. But a bit big, I think. Ainsley’s sweater is coming along – I have another 2 inches on the body, and then I work on sleeves, which will be easy because they’re short sleeved. Join sleeves to body, knit for a while, then I’m done! I was going to order some yarn, but I think I’ll hold out until Maryland Sheep and Wool which is in 2 weeks!

Is it seriously only Monday??????


Blogger M said...

Well, this doesn't actually compare much, but if it makes you feel better, I have 4.2 pages written of a 12ish page paper that's due at midnight and I'm...reading your blog. Bwah!

6:44 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

a$$pain! money stuff always sends me into panic overdrive. the stuff that you cannot prevent (like headlinghts) you just gotta deal. Sux though. Totally eats into the yarn budget!

Washer gone already> and you have had the machine about...2 years? THAT is unfair. Does Honda/Toyota make washing machines?

Sounds like an FO on the horizon.....and nothing is as cute as kids in handknits!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Here's my prediction -- that washer will last you another ten years. I got mine second-hand over ten years ago and I keep WISHING it would break down because I hate it, but it still hasn't. Same goes for my fridge. And the dishwasher. Knowing my luck they'll all break down on the same day.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Maggi said...

Mel, yikes, so sorry for your girl! But thanks for reminding me that my car needs to be inspected ~

11:49 AM  

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