Thursday, April 20, 2006

We're Back

Home sweet home. Vegas was good, except I found out I’m allergic to Crest toothpaste. I had a little travel tube of it, and used it for 2 days when POW my tongue swelled up and all my taste buds tried to explode. It was a bad scene. Good thing I’m not a foodie, because I would have been (even more) pissed about missing out on all the restaurants. Other than weird-ass allergies (like I would have anything other than weird-ass allergies – only strange things happen to me), it was a good trip. I have pictures, almost all of them of the Bellagio. Hey, it’s a nice place. Check out my Flickr album.

So all was going along merrily until Tuesday night (this is actually knitting-related, slightly) when I was sitting at Panera waiting for Stitch n Bitch, and Chris called to say Ainsley had put her hand on the burner of our stove, right after Chris took a pot off it. One trip to the emergency room, lots of bandages, codeine, and $300 later, we arrived back at home with a very sad-looking almost-3-year-old. Luckily kids heal fast, and she should be back to normal in a week or so.

The Dora bandaids help.

I do not have any knitting pictures, due to the fact that I am a slacker (but you knew that already, based on my time between posts). I finished Clapotis right before we left for Vegas, so I did get to wear it there.

I started a sweater for Ainsley using some Knitpicks Crayon that I bought a while back but never used. It’s a short-sleeved raglan knit in the round in stockinette, so it’s pretty mindless (like me). I took out yarn for a cotton summery scarf, but haven’t started yet. And I’m still working (not really) on those braided cable socks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have competition? Knitting for the Bean? Hmmmm. I'm speechless.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Whoa! Burn! Liam and I had a blender/cooking accident when he was about 3--he was burned on his face and chest, it was awful. My first trip to the emergency room, I was 800 months pregnant and a mess. I've been back many times and it has never been as bad.

He healed really quick!

Did you go to St. Francis and expereince their 30 minute wait?

Wow, the Bellagio! We took loads of pics of that too. That ceiling! those glass flowers! I hope you had a great time...did Chris the PokerManiaMan win loads?

4:22 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Fun pictures from Vegas. That picture which you have labeled as "paper umbrellas on the ceiling" -- those are actually individual pieces of blown glass in an installation by the famous glass artist Dale Chihuly. (I love his stuff). Go here for more info about it:

I hope your daughter's hand is feeling better, poor thing! I'm sure that was scary for all of you.

10:46 PM  

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