Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sleeve Island

I'm on sleeve island, but there is an end in sight. I'm about halfway done with the first lace sleeve for the Adrienne V sweater. It goes by pretty quickly! I took out the bell sleeve, because bell sleeves get in the way of my mousing. I'm on the increases for the sleeve, which you're supposed to work into the pattern. Pfah to that idea, says I. I just did M1's on the edges, so on the underside of the arm, I'll have stockinette at the seam and lace all around. I figure no one will see the seam, and if they do and take issue with my slacker method of increasing, THEY can knit the sweater!

I'm close to the raglan decreases, which are pretty easy to do. Then on to sleeve number 2! Except - insert suspenseful music here - I think I might run out of yarn. GASP! Thankfully, knitpicks still stocks the color, and I need a few other balls of other yarn from there anyway. Free shipping here I come!

Fall Fiber Festival is this weekend - Suzanne and I are heading there with our girls - it could be really fun or a big disaster. But there are sheep and yarn, so how bad could it be? There will be pictures for sure, providing I don't forget my camera, as I am wont to do.


Blogger Suzanne said...

The kids will be fine! We will be outside and take snacks. Sheep are almost as good as dogs, right?

6:46 AM  

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