Wednesday, March 30, 2005

After an initially disasterous trip to Vermont, much eating out, shopping and skiing, no broekn bones but a disgusting bruised knee, and a very smooth trip home - I'm back! Skiing was fun and it was great to see Julie again. We visited Kaleidoscope Yarns but despite all the great yarn, were uninspired. However, Julie would like a sweater much like that seen here. So I'm working on it!

Now it's back to work, and back to Stitch n Bitch where we saw the lovely (but much unseen) Maggi. Yay!

I've made a few inches of progress on the Little Leaf Lace Scarf and much progress on Gigi. Her sleeves are done, and I've moved into the miles of stockinette in the round for the body.

Picture time!

How'd they get the bunny to stay still?


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