Friday, February 25, 2005

It's my birthday! I'm 26, or as my boss keeps reminding me, moving towards my late 20's. Which is fine - I think I'm the only person in the world looking forward to my 30th birthday. I feel older than 26 - I feel like I should be 30. And I'm tired of being mistaken for a college kid, and getting carded when I buy a drink. Apparently someday I'll appreciate it, but now it's just irritating. But oh well...

What are my exciting birthday plans, you ask? Driving up to Harrisburg. At night the drive isn't bad, and at least it isn't snowing or raining.

Now onto important things - knitting! Or in my case, crocheting...the capelet is almost done! I only did 2 rows last night, but I should finish it this weekend, just in time to photograph it and send the pictures off for Debbie Stoller's new crochet book. Cross your fingers for me! Then I can get back to the Dale baby romper (have you seen the new Dale patterns - too cute!!!!!) and the Gigi sweater. I think I MIGHT get the Adrienne V Fall 2004 book for my birthday, so I'll be working on the cover sweater as well. As Bonne Marie would say - WOOT! :-)

Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous heather said...

I just happened by here on accident..actually looking for a picture of the eyelet cardi(it looks great by the way) and wanted to say that I am 30 (ok 31 but who's asking) and still get carded on a regular basis! I never thought I'd be "that" person but it actually makes me feel a little better when people ask! LOL

10:43 PM  

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