Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So, moving the decreases on the Dale baby romper to the sides was a stupid idea. Now the legs look like those pants you wear when you ride a horse. Didn't think that one through. Oh well, hopefully no one will notice. I finished the 9.5 inches of stockinette in the round (ugh!) and have moved on to the ribbed bodice. Yay!

I also did my first dye experiment - 440 yards of fingering merino from KnitPicks. I used cherry Koolade, but not nearly enough to get the red I was hoping for. So it's more of a coral, and not very even, which I think I like. I used my new ball winder and now have a very nice squat ball. I'll start on the Little Leaf Lace Scarf for the Red Scarf Project while I'm traveling this week.

Pictures of all soon!


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