Friday, August 06, 2004

Long time no post

Things have been crazy! Work has been busy, so less time to post there, and home has been even more busy, as we've been looking for a new house. House stuff seriously cuts into my knitting time!

Anyway, I've made some progress. I'm about halfway done putting fringe on Julie's blue poncho, and I did put blue beads on it. The purple bag needs lining, but is otherwise finished. I haven't made much progress on the red poncho, because I've been working on the Anouk. It's cute! I think the next one will be made with the Pima Tencel yarn instead of the Endless Summer - it's just too slippy and thin. But I'm happy with the Anouk - it will make a nice gift.

Yarn sale tomorrow at Got Yarn - 35% off! I've been looking at Baby Stork yarn for the Dale baby romper, so I may get some yarn for that.

Almost time to go home!


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