Friday, July 23, 2004

It's been a while...

…since I’ve posted. Work has been crazy, but the good news is I got two knitting nights this week! We had a good regular Stitch n Bitch on Tuesday, and a great meetup on Wednesday night.

I’ve made good progress on the blue poncho – I’m probably about 25% done. It knits up quickly! I got my new yarn from Elann in the variegated reds, so I’ll make a poncho out of that as well.

Bargain shopping alert – I needed bamboo handles for my Charm Bag, and when I was in the dollar store, they had gift bags that had rattan-looking handles. So instead of spending $7 on bamboo handles, I got $1 handles from a gift bag! Not too bad, if you ask me…now I just need lining fabric for the bag, and I’ll get that this weekend.


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